Dave Hawkins

I recently achieved a PB in the Berlin Marathon, thanks to the targeted training plan & support from PURE Sports Performance over the previous 5 months. John put together a varied program and clearly explained the benefits of each type of training. An initial test was used to agree appropriate training levels and it was motivating to see progress against this baseline in subsequent tests.

As a relatively inexperienced runner, having John take care of the science removed any worry of over or under training. When the inevitable injuries hit he was able to use his experience to adapt the schedule and type of training to minimise the de-training effects and maintain morale! John has a subtle way of motivating through regular contact & follow up on planned training sessions, which put bluntly means there is less chance of skipping training and more chance of success! He has been there for me at all hours and in all conditions, with advice, water, clothes, emergency transport, tweets & coffee. I reached the start line confident and with the peace of mind that John had ensured I had done everything possible to maximise my performance.

I will definitely be teaming up with John for my next marathon training cycle and would recommend anyone wanting to reach their own maximum potential to get in contact with him to discuss their individual goals.

Leanne Garner, GB Age Group Triathlete

John’s support has been invaluable to me in recent years. He has provided me with regular tests of my maximal aerobic capacity and aerobic endurance, helped me to develop a training programme specific to my goals and monitored me for signs of overtraining and fatigue. He has an extensive sport science knowledge and applies it in a way that meets my individual needs and is easy to understand. Since training with John, I have managed to gain personal best times at marathon distance and consistently improve my triathlon performances in varying distances from Sprint to Ironman.

My goal this year was to qualify for the Great Britain Age-Group triathlon team. John developed a specific training intervention and used on-going physiological support to help demonstrate the effectiveness of pre-competition training.  My training went really well and I achieved the qualifying time in June. I am really happy to be part of Team GB and represent my country at the 2015 European Triathlon Championships in Geneva next year.

Dave Rogers

I’ve now used PURE SPORTS PERFORMANCE in the build up to 3 marathons. John’s knowledge and expertise is spot on and the combination of working with both the training loads and the scientific impact is so useful to maximise your potential. If you are looking at taking your training to the next level, then I’d highly recommend you have a chat with John.

Mike Kent, Team Titans

I recently turned 50 and was looking at innovative ways of trying to improve my 5K and 10K times and increase my overall aerobic fitness.

John came to give a talk at my Wednesday night Run Company 5K event. I listened to John talk about his running performance package and thought why not give it a go! In early December I had the initial consultation with John where he listened to my training aims and objectives and then a blood lactate run test on a treadmill. Throughout the test, John encouraged and supported me and was able to give me immediate feedback including the test results and my suggested training paces. We sat down and discussed my training programme for the 2017 triathlon season with the focus initially on running the Chichester 10K.

I must say that I was initial sceptical about the high intensity training but John could not have been more supportive. He was able to see my results via Strava which included pace/heart rate and give me practical and supportive feedback. This feedback made me feel stronger and more able to deal with the suggested training. So much so that John decided to drop my pace on longer sessions to ensure I was training the most appropriate energy system avoid potential over-training - what do I know!! That little change made all the difference and I managed to keep progressing and getting stronger as the weeks went by.

I can honestly say that I have become stronger and fitter in the short time that I’ve worked with John. We are now going to work together over the coming season on one of my other disciplines, cycling, as well as continue to improve my running. Thank you John and I now look forward to the coming season with confidence