Dave Hawkins

I recently achieved a PB in the Berlin Marathon, thanks to the targeted training plan & support from PURE Sports Performance over the previous 5 months. John put together a varied program and clearly explained the benefits of each type of training. An initial test was used to agree appropriate training levels and it was motivating to see progress against this baseline in subsequent tests.

As a relatively inexperienced runner, having John take care of the science removed any worry of over or under training. When the inevitable injuries hit he was able to use his experience to adapt the schedule and type of training to minimise the de-training effects and maintain morale! John has a subtle way of motivating through regular contact & follow up on planned training sessions, which put bluntly means there is less chance of skipping training and more chance of success! He has been there for me at all hours and in all conditions, with advice, water, clothes, emergency transport, tweets & coffee. I reached the start line confident and with the peace of mind that John had ensured I had done everything possible to maximise my performance.

I will definitely be teaming up with John for my next marathon training cycle and would recommend anyone wanting to reach their own maximum potential to get in contact with him to discuss their individual goals.