Welcome to PURE SPORTS PERFORMANCE. If you are interested in improving your general health & fitness, taking part in your first endurance event, looking to improve your performance or simply need some advice on the best way to train, then you're in the right place. Currently based in Brighton, my name is John Feeney and I am a sports physiologist & endurance coach, who loves being outdoors and active. But most of all, I'm passionate about working with individuals to improve their performance.


Health & fitness - helping you get started

Monthly coaching package designed to improve your health & fitness. Ideal for anyone looking to improve fitness, recover lost fitness following time out or train for your first event.                                                                           

Performance - pushing your limits           

Monthly coaching package designed for more experience athletes looking to push themselves and achieve a personal best.                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Consultancy - supporting your journey    

Support and preparation are key to achieving a long term or short term training goal.  The consultancy service can offer advice on a single aspect of your training or support you throughout your whole training journey.                                          

Education - understanding how & why        

We offer a range of educational opportunities to clubs, groups and organisations including engaging workshops, seminars and conference presentations. They are personalised to meet your specific requirements.