Elite & trained male cyclists required!

Is ‘brain-doping’ the future for endurance athletes? This is your opportunity to join a developmental and breakthrough research programme at the University of Brighton.

Neuro-doping (or ‘brain doping’) is a relatively new development in the world of sports science. It involves the modulation of brain activity using electric or magnetic fields with the potential for an improvement in the physiological and psychological aspects of sports performance.

I was involved in early pilot testing with some of the PhD researchers at the University of Brighton. It’s encouraging to see that the research to date has proved promising, with hints of performance improvements. Although these types of interventions may open up a number of ethical questions, more research must be carried out before it can be determined for certain that a performance benefit exists.

This is where the University of Brighton need your help! The researchers are looking for elite or trained male cyclists to investigate the effects of ‘brain-doping’ on cycling performance.

You will receive a VO2max test and a performance report which can be used to assess your current fitness levels and plan your next block of training.

If you would like to be part of the study, please contact R.Cowan1@uni.brighton.ac.uk